Yuvraj Singh opened up on his decision to retire from international cricket and his life post-retire

'I got to a stage where cricket was not helping me mentally': Yuvraj Singh on decision to retire

Former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh opened up on his life after retirement, saying that he feels "relaxed" like never before. Yuvraj announced his retirement in 2019 and only featured in the Global T20 League in Canada post the announcement.

He last appeared on the cricket field during a charity match for Australian Bushfires relief earlier this year. “The day I retired, I felt free. Obviously it was an emotional moment, I can’t put it in words but I felt really free. I hadn’t slept properly for years, I started to sleep well. I feel so relaxed now,” said Yuvraj in a conversation with Gaurav Kapur.

“I had gotten to a stage where cricket was not helping me mentally. I was just dragging myself, and thinking when do I retire, should I retire?” Yuvraj added. Yuvraj said that while he does miss the game sometimes, he knows he has played for many years and that he feels at peace.

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