Sports Update: Kings XI Punjab co-owner stated about covid tests in UAE

The #IPLSchedule to played this September, one of the co-owners of #KingsXIPunjab Ness Wadia has given a statement. Recently, he said that in the UAE he wants complete safety of players and support staff by the facility of daily COVID-19 testing.

Having said that, the IPL will be played in #UAE this year between September 19 and November 10.

Ness Wadia- "I would want as much testing as possible and preferably daily,"

He added- "If I was a cricketer, I would be very happy in getting myself tested everyday. There is no harm in it."

His statements to the Indian Press has cleared that there will be no compromises with safety protocols. To make the IPL safe and successful during Corona outbreak safety measures will be strictly followed.

Before travelling to the UAE every person will be required to pass the covid-19 test and again after landing he is required to do the same or else no entry will be permitted. Those who will land in the country without any coronavirus test will be required to stay in the Quarantine period.

For this, the complete safety will be ensured.

Before, during and after the IPL there will be much more Complex situations will be seen and they will not be easy to handle concerning covid-19. Passing such challenges without any compromise is the prior hope of the Kings XI Punjab co-owner. During IPL2020, there will be 8 teams and three venues along with training facilities. These are the things supposed to be managed gracefully.

Ness Wadia also said that- "Bio-security is something that should be very seriously considered but don't know if it can be implemented in an eight-team tournament," He stated- "We are waiting for the SOPs from the #BCCI.

The testing rate of UAE is high. Additionally, that country possess all the technology for corona virus testing. Thus, BCCI can be aided by the local government regarding adequate testing.

In the past, total twenty #IPLMatches were played in the UAE as the country was host of season 2014.

More to the press release, Wadia appeti singly said- "The #IPL will bring much needed optimism to the pessimism we live in today. Credit to the BCCI to have a found a window in the current scenario," he said.

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