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Fortunately, we proffer everything related to cricket for cricket fans. We don’t let our visitors down. Read below:

Khai-Lagai: The betting popular in the world is Khai-Lagai. It is the bet on winning and losing of the playing teams. Well, putting money on any team is not a piece of cake. You need precise planning and analysis to win. Also, betting on a single team won’t always lead you to the winning side. That’s when you need to have the backup plan. By cutting on the other team, you can save your money. Again, fluctuating market rates don’t make it easy to do so. Above all, our cricket betting experts help you win the bet without losing a single penny.

Sessions: On the list, sessions are very typical yet interesting to bet. These are the run scores of specific overs. In the first inning, sessions arise in 6 different overs, these are Session of 10 overs, 20 overs, 30 overs, 35 overs, 40 overs, and lambi, i.e, 50 overs. However, in the second innings, you only get a session of 10 overs. By predicting the scores given by the bookie, you can double your bet. For the accurate prediction, you need to know about the batsmen, bowlers, run rates, etc. These are not simple to play that’s why our CBTF kings are here to help you.

Trophy: Intrigued? Well, this is like a low risk, high gain. The market rate of trophy comes between the tournaments, whether it is national or international. You have to predict who will win the trophy of the specific tournament. Our kings also help you predict the last winner of the series.

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